Ecocat – Tofu cat litter
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Simplify your life with our tofu cat litter!

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Eco friendly litter!

Ecocat does exactly what cat litter is supposed to do: effectively absorb cat urine, keep odor to a minimum and contribute positively to the environment.

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Less time shopping, more time to cuddle your cat; it will be delighted!

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1 box = 30 days

No more heavy litter bags to lift, ECOCAT simply arrives at your door every month.

Light Weight

ECOCAT is 4 times lighter than traditional litters: 8 pounds are enough to replace a 24-pound clay litter.


Our environmental footprint is reduced because the absorbent properties allow us to use less raw materials than our competitors.

Ultra performant

ECOCAT is more absorbent than any other type of litter and the agglomeration is virtually instantaneous. Odorless, dust free, all the elements have been designed for the comfort and health of your cat.

Recommended by specialists

Our litter has been tested and approved by veterinarians and the CDMV

Designed to last 30 days

The absorbent properties of soy allow it to absorb 4 to 5 times the liquid of its volume. This unique characteristic allows to generate less raw material and ensure a product that lasts on average 30-35 days.

Ecocat Litière pour chat

Without risk

Our formula contains no synthetic additives, chemicals or additional fragrances.

Over a Thousand Happy Customers Rave About Our Plant-Based Litter


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