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Account and subscription

Yes, we have put an option at your disposal to buy our litter without a subscription. This option is more expensive, but ideal for testing our product.

You can cancel your subscription by communicating by email at or you can simply proceed of your own by logging into your account under the subscription section to proceed with the cancellation.

If you have selected one of our subscription plans, you will automatically receive a new litter box at your door every month. You can easily cancel your subscription in the following section:

To modify your payment method, you must have an active subscription containing a credit card. You must connect to your customer account using this link (embed link), select your subscription, click on “Change payment” and select “Use a new payment method”. You may then enter your new credit card information. 

You can contact to order for more than three cats.

You can contact, or you may change your subscription from your customer account (lien embed). Select “My Subscription”, click on the subscription you wish to modify, click on “Change your subscription”, and select your new subscription plan. 

For an irregular amount of litter (such as four boxes every three months), you may contact

You can contact, or you may change your subscription from your customer account. Select “My Subscription”, click on the subscription you wish to modify, select “Change address”, and enter your new shipping/billing information. 

You can contact and specify the new delivery date.

Cat health

Some cats are finicky and you may need to transition by mixing the old litter box with the new one, then as your cat adjusts, you should be able to use Ecocat litter only.

Absolutely! You just have to buy an extra litter box.

Our litter is probably the safest litter. Our formula contains no synthetic additives, chemicals or additional fragrances. Without ingredients that are harmful to you and your cat, you can now have peace of mind.

Ecocat Litter

The molecular structure of activated carbon (a material we added) absorbs odors in its pores in order to eliminate urine, excrement, bacteria and by the same token odors. Activated charcoal is produced from sustainable raw materials and is the best solution to stop unpleasant odors.

Our litter is made from recycled vegetable fibers that come from tofu by-products not used in production intended for humans.

The litter is binding so it can be easily collected, composted or thrown in the toilet where it dissolves (see our instructions on this before proceeding)

In addition, thanks to our addition of activated carbon molecules, bad odors are eliminated in an optimal way.

Also, the elongated shape of the litter particles effectively reduces the pieces of litter outside the litter box. Thus, the interior stays clean longer (30 days) while ensuring a clean and comfortable environment for your cat’s needs.

Finally, ECOCAT is also a time saver since our delivery service (free) eliminates the in-store purchase process which is often tedious given the heaviness of the product.

Composting your cat’s used litter has multiple benefits such as significantly reducing your waste. However, not all cities accept compostable litter, as pathogens can remain present and contaminate water or soil.

Please check your local municipality guidelines carefully to see if animal litter is accepted in your compost bin.

The ECOCAT litter is designed to work with a medium litter box (approximately 12 “x 16”). If you are using a larger than average litter box (16 “x 20” +), you may want to consider using two litters.

ECOCAT litter is 100% made from plant by-products. We encourage the circular economy by recovering food losses from soybeans to create high-performance litter.

Our litter is water soluble and can be removed in small quantities in the toilet. However, if you allow your cat to go outside, he is at risk of becoming infected with toxoplasmosis (and your cat could infect the sewage system through runoff).

 If your cat stays indoors, he will not have been exposed to toxoplasmosis and it will be possible to throw the litter in the toilet!

You can make sure your cat has no toxoplasmosis by leaving it indoors for more than 2 weeks, giving the parasite time to complete its life cycle and leave your cat’s body.

The absorbent properties of soybeans (tofu) allow Ecocat litter to absorb 4 to 5 times the liquid of its volume. This unique characteristic makes it possible to generate less raw material, thus generating less waste and ensuring a product which lasts on average 30 days for a quantity of 6 pounds.

* Note that longevity may vary depending on the needs of your cat. Some cats generate more waste than others

Our litter is the safest option. Our formula does not contain any synthetic additives, chemicals or fragrances. Without any harmful ingredients for you and your cat, you can now have peace of mind.

Purchase & Shipping

We deliver everywhere in Canada.

Your order will be delivered within 5-7 working days.


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