Treat your cat and
simplify your life with our
reinvented tofu cat litter

Our tofu cat litter brings together
ecological and health benefits of soybeans

Say goodbye to traditional litter, our new range of plant-based litter is made from 100% recovered plants. We encourage the circular economy by recovering food losses from soybeans to create high-performance litter.

Litière végétale


Litière biodégradable

100% biodegradable

Litière compostable

100% compostable

Notre litière est 100% écologique


litière sans odeur

without odor

Litière sans poussière

No dust

Ecocat est doux sur les pattes

Soft for the paws

Ecocat est agglomérant

Hard clumping

A litter delivered to my home? It's too good to be true!

How does it work?

Order your eco friendly cat litter

Proceed to your order by selecting the number of boxes you want. We recommend one box per cat and each box lasts 30 days.

Transition to Ecocat

Receive the most efficient ecological litter and proceed with the transition by inserting the litter in your litter box so that it is filled to a height of 2-3 cm.

Monthly subscription

No more heavy litter bags to lift. With a subscription plan, Ecocat simply arrives at your door every month. We have created the most simple and effective solution for you and your cat!

5 good reasons to subscribe
to our premium tofu cat litter

A company proudly from here

Our mission : make people aware of reducing their waste by offering a ecological, efficient and affordable litter.

Choosing ECOCAT means consuming better!


Adopting ECOCAT means significantly reducing your waste. The absorbent capacities of our litter allow us to use less raw materials than traditional litter, so less waste is generated each month!

Thousands of cats lover are satisfied with our plant-based litter

If you are not satisfied after 30 days, our satisfaction policy allows you to be eligible for a full refund (excluding shipping costs)

Good for the planet, good for your cat

Made from recycled materials, you help protect natural resources and encourage the circular economy! It’s a small step.

Get your litter now!
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